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Cooked at ours, served at yours.  Feeding the entire posse just got hassle free and utterly delicious!  No kitchen on-site? No problem. We specialise in feeding awesome businesses wanting fresh, flavoursome without the bother of a working kitchen taking up valuable floor space.

We don't limit ourselves with our services...

Want some food ordered to your business to be the office hero they need but don’t deserve? Contact Grazing Delivered.

Thinking about an all day get together we can cater for? Grazing Catering’s where you need to go…

Running an event or a fancy shindig? Grazing Events has you covered! 

Sam - Head Grazer

Sam’s the driving force behind the Grazing vision to put smiles on as many faces as possible via the medium of food! And luckily, thanks to the amazingly talented and passionate G Team, Sam’s vision is taking shape nicely, one smile at a time!

Robbie - Director of Food & Ops

The creative genius behind our menus and a master tickler of tastebuds, Robbie’s the main man when it comes to taking our food and service to a whole new level of fabulousness. From his brand new development kitchen at Grazing HQ, Robbie’s our very own Willy Wonka of flavours but thankfully (for our waistlines), his culinary creativity stretches far beyond chocolate. Overseeing the entire operational team to ensure our food is cooked, delivered and served in style day-in-day-out, Robbie’s got his plate full but he wouldn’t have it any other way!

Ant - Head Chef

Despite his arguably dubious taste in football teams, Ant has the most amazing palette and makes sure all of our food tastes absolutely delish. Looking after our kitchens and overseeing our team of talented chefs, Ant’s the powerhouse behind our engine room at Grazing HQ.

Emma - Catering Operations Manager

Having successfully fed the team day-in-day-out at Amazon's UK HQ in her last role, Emma's relentless ambition and enthusiasm needed a BIGGER challenge in her next career move. And where better to find it than at Grazing Global HQ, heading up our amazing staff dining team and looking after our array of fab clients! Need a feed in the office? Speak to Emma and she'll make it happen in any office, big or small, anytime - that how she rolls!

Gaujai - Chief Happiness Officer

Available for office and venue visits by request, Gaujai wags her tail, runs in circles, loves tummy rubs and gives awesome doggy cuddles for any sites that need a special bit of extra love in your day! When not working, Gaujai’s at home wagging her tail, running in circles, having tummy rubs and giving awesome doggy cuddles – it’s a dog’s life!