Contract Catering London

Contract Catering for the Modern Workplace

Here at Grazing we’ve looked into our crystal ball and we think we’ve seen the future of in-house catering! With office space at a premium, leases getting shorter and companies’ increasingly looking for flexible and agile ways to work, we’ve developed a new way of providing in-house catering solutions to meet the needs of the modern workplace.

Our Catetering

Not your traditional contract catering

We’ve torn up the old contract catering handbook, done away with the need for large on-site kitchens taking up valuable real estate and requiring big pots of capex. But we didn’t stop there,  we’ve also done away with lengthy and overly complicated catering contracts too.   

With our pioneering off-site production, on-site service model and our state of the art, central production kitchen on the edge of the City of London, we bring restaurant quality food for staff restaurants, hospitality and events into offices at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Want to know more? Get in touch to discuss your options, we’re happy to help you find the best catering to suit your needs!

Our Menus

Cooked at ours, served at yours

We specialise in awesome contract catering for London businesses wanting fresh, flavoursome food without the bother of a working kitchen taking up valuable floor space. Have a browse of our range of delicious catering menus and get in touch to get started!