Food to Fuel

Cooked at ours, served at yours. Office catering for the entire posse just got hassle free and utterly delicious! No kitchen on-site? No problem. We specialise in feeding awesome businesses wanting fresh, flavoursome food without the bother of a working kitchen taking up valuable floor space.

Feed the mind

Food Philosophy

Our main man Robbie got the buzz for cooking when he was a youngster watching his Nan, lured by all the amazing smells and sounds in the kitchen, pottering about making lunch when he went to visit on Sunday.

One Sunday they made rock cakes to have with afternoon tea and, as always, made a few extras, which Nan suggested he take into school the next day for his friends. The satisfaction he got from seeing them enjoy something that he had made was amazing.

That simple emotion is what Grazing is all about. We work hard and with passion so guests can enjoy our wonderful flavours.

Office Team Catering

Office Catering

An army marches on its stomach; great food is the fuel for life

There is no doubt about it, a finger-licking meal creates a social occasion, gets people talking and those creative juices begin to flow. It’s a simple investment that will get you heaps of brownie points and create a more productive workplace, win-win! You don’t need a kitchen. We’ll cook at ours and deliver to yours daily, weekly or monthly, so you get all the praise with none of the hassle. 

Cool suppliers

It’s not easy being this awesome. We can’t do it alone which is why we have hand-picked the best farmers, fishermen, coffee roasters, wine makers, bakers and artisans we could find.

People who share our passion for scrumptious food as well as the belief that our planet is a pretty fantastic place. It is not just about being fab, it’s just as important to do it in the right way. 

What's hot



Street food is still rocking the city and our pop-up food carts add a touch of spice to your awesome events.


Plant power

No longer the domain of the hemp wearing hippy, the plant based diet is taking the world by storm. Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams are just two of the sports super stars who’ve embraced the energy of buckwheat and barley.


Herbaceous cocktails

No more frou frou pink drinks, natural and simple is the name of the game now, try a herby Basil Gimlet or crowd pleasing Coriander Cooler. Those herbs are healing!


Take your time

Slow cooked meats such as our famous braised short rib or pulled pork pancakes continue to rock the party.


Small is beautiful

Who needs a cronut with a fat-tastic 2000 calories? Perfectly formed mini-desserts are the order of the day when you need a sweet treat without an extra hour on the elliptical.

Drinks & libations

Say farewell to stewed tea and warm apple juice

We provide everything from the most perfectly roasted coffee to an energising kiwi and mango smoothie. And when it’s time to wind down, we’ve got all the options you could possibly imagine.

An Aperol Spritz for 1000 thirsty delegates? No problem. A perfectly chilled glass of Chablis for your parched personnel? Mais oui. A Mint Julep in a frosted glass for Feel-good-Friday? We’ve got you covered.