New Year, New Food: The Benefits of Introducing Regular Team Feeding In Your Office

The growing trend in free-issue employee dining in the workplace looks set to continue this year as more and more of the world’s best companies and most awesome start-ups continue to boost their benefits packages to attract and retain top talent.  And whilst gym memberships, cycle to work schemes and private healthcare are all becoming standard, amazingly it’s still only the top percentile of the best employers who’ve cottoned on to the power of catered lunches and breakfasts in the office.  So, if you’re aiming to boost morale, productivity, engagement and retention this year, then read on for our food-focused top tips for top companies….

Increase Productivity & Communication

We’ve all done it. We’ve all tried to squeeze in that extra bit of work to ease the workload for the rest of the week, or to hit an upcoming deadline and had our lunch at our desk … alone. Some are more prone to this than others, however, although eating alone at your desk whilst continuing with work may sound productive, there are actually many more benefits to taking a break and dining with your workmates.

By providing an opportunity for colleagues to get to know each other in a more informal setting, than typical working hours, you can provide a great foundation for communication internally. We all know that it’s much easier to communicate with people we know well (sometimes), and that better communication can improve productivity and cooperation.

Team Bonding

“Families that eat together, stay together”

Right, now that we’ve got the cliché out of the way, there is genuinely some truth behind this claim. Kevin Kniffin, Professor of Economics at Cornell University, states that “eating together is a more intimate act than looking over an Excel spreadsheet together. That intimacy spills back over into work”. And Prof Kev knows a thing or two about this kinda stuff so who are we to disagree!

What better way for your team to bond on a regular basis than regular team feeding, without the need for everyone to be out-of-office, parading around in sports gear or building things out of lego at an annual team building day. Feeding your team as a collective can help to build relationships, create memorable moments and get the team fired up for the day, all while enjoying some mouthwatering deliciousness without the hassle of preparation or clean up.

Healthier Lifestyle = Less Illness

In a world full of temptation to take the quick, easy (and often processed) route with lunch, providing your team with fresh, nutrient-filled, mineral-packed food will not only have the team feeling great and nourished, but will also keep their bodies protected from the common office bug. Of course, this is subject to the lifestyle of the individual, but every little helps!

Healthier food, accompanied with a healthy lifestyle means less sick days, less tiredness, less procrastination and more productivity!

Widen Your Teams Perspective

In Alice Julier’s popular book, Eating Together, she suggests that eating in a group can influence people’s perspective and reduce perceptions of inequality. Whether they’re perceptions of gender, race, socio-economic background or whatever else it may be, dining brings everyone together for a common goal (filling our stomachs!) in ways that other social scenarios do not.

Invest in your team and watch them flourish

We hope the above points have highlighted how beneficial regular team feeding can be to any team, no matter how big or small. Get together with the team and give it a go for yourself! See how your team perform after enjoying some delicious, fresh and nutritious office catering. Who knows it may just be the ticket to taking things to the next level?

Feeling hungry after reading this? Get in touch to have a chat about what might be the best team feeding options for your team. Our menus change daily, so your certain to find something you’ll love!

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