5 Hacks To Guarantee A Happy Office This Thanksgiving

Some companies provide free lunches in the office every day.  Others provide a free breakfast at work.  Some treat their team to a weekly lunch to bring everyone together and others provide the entire company lunch at work for a monthly town hall meeting.  Whatever the reason for providing office catering and whatever the frequency, we think it’s a blooming brilliant thing to do. Of course, we would say that, what with us being in the business of providing awesome companies with delicious lunches delivered to the office.

But we’re not just giving ourselves a shameless plug, dressed up as a blog post full of insightful content. Oh no, we wouldn’t do anything like that!  You see we’re sure that pretty much everyone loves a free lunch at work.  Even if said lunch, pitches up lukewarm on a moped in a plastic takeaway (no offence Mr Deliveroo but let’s face it, those bikes are a little small to feed an entire office and all that single-use plastic just isn’t cool!).

So, instead of a shameless plug for our Thanksgiving lunch, we thought we’d be a bit more helpful than that and give you 5 great reasons why great companies provide great food at work to help you persuade the boss to splash the cash on your team this year. 

So here are 5 great reasons to give your boss an easy “Yes” to signing-off an office lunch this Thanksgiving 

1. Drive creativity

Not only does Google provide free lunch to all staff in their offices worldwide, but they also deliberately create lunch queues in order to facilitate conversations and ideas sharing in said queues.  An urban legend has it that Google Maps was created from just such a conversation in the lunch queue.  So here’s the secret formula to run and share with the boss right now:

free lunch + lunch queue X conversation = BILLION $$$$ IDEA

2. Drive productivity

There’s a whole host of studies and people with impressive sounding titles who have written about the link between happy employees and productivity so take your pick and quote any one of these geniuses on the subject. Failing that, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that a tasty lunch in the office, delivered, served and cleared away again for you, is probably going to be a whole lot quicker than 200 people all disappearing to get their own lunches. 

3. Be more popular

This one is particularly good if your boss happens to be particularly unpopular!  We all know that the way to a persons’ heart is through their stomach so all you need to do is remind your boss of this little fact and let them go from zero to hero with this stroke of a bit of lunchtime generosity.

4. Spend less time on hiring

Let’s face it, no one really likes having to keep on hiring new recruits to replace disgruntled leavers.  So keeping everyone happy with a delicious lunch in the office is bound to be a boost to retention*.

5. Be more attractive

Treat everyone to lunch in the office and you’ll be spreading all kinds of good vibes around the office.  With good vibes, come happy staff. With happy staff come lots of smiles.  People in the office may even smile at the boss if they’re that happy.  The boss smiles back.  Smiling makes you more attractive (according to those clever science folks anyway). So there you have it, get the boss to order everyone lunch in the office this Thanksgiving and they’ll be more attractive. Simples.

*We strongly recommend providing lunch in the office at least weekly, if not daily, in order to really drive retention rates and be an awesome place to work!

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